300zx gtr r35 holinger syvecs

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  1. badxtc

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    ok well today im going to attack the 3 wires that need to go to the ecu ,
    clutch switch
    fuel temp sensor
    and front ABS

    this will enable all the fun stuff in the car and also safety ,

    im no elec so i wish myself luck , i have faith in what im about to do , because one of my mates gave me clear instructions on what to do , wiring in ecu etc etc is not my thing ,

    one bonus is that even tho i wire these in they need to activated and switched so if i mess up i guess we will find out on the dyno lol , but all in all it should be ok ,,
  2. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    ok so all the wiring is done , next step is to wait for the diff to come in from japland and start on the hole back end including modifying the fuel tank and fuel system to 8an , 1700cc injectors, flex fuel , got to get the exhaust made up front section , then going to to turn it up and tune the box, after that , ill be going to the drags 100% hanging out hard to get there the time cant come fast enough ,, all this should start taking place with in about 2 months from now and id say about 2 months to get it sorted ,, THEN DRAGS,
  3. BGTV8

    BGTV8 Member

    Top job Alex, this has been in the works a long time ..........

    Well done for sticking to it.
  4. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    thank you robbin, coming from you that means a lot ,
    not finished yet as you know , but when it is , i think it will be a good fun car ,
    i would love to be next to you at phillip island again , one of the best days out there ,
  5. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    just a small update , im getting the titanium exhaust put on today , it will be way to loud for me , so ill be looking at getting a uas center muffler as well latter on ,

    the fuel system will be getting sent out tomorrow hopefully as well to be modified to suit mt tank,
    after these are done , im hoping to get another tune with boost ( about 18 psi, 6 to 7 psi atm ) as far as e 85 not sure about that atm ,,, i want to get the car to sandown on the 1st October , just for a play day .

    my r32 gtr diff is here as well got if a few weeks back , the plan with the arse end is to leave what i have in there for now , stock tt arse end race the car at calder park ( drags ) with slicks and see how i like it then put the NA rear in it including the gtr diff with Quaife ATB Helical lsd in it , the reason for this is see the difference between the the gear ratios and see what is best for the car and what i like i guess. gtr diff is 4.11 tt diff is 3.69 just want to see the difference

    on the next tune, the 2 focus points will be engine tune and gearbox shift cuts, up and down and flat shift. this will not be the final tune as there will be a lot of fine tuning done as the car needs it.
    this needs to be done before the 1st October , IM REALLY , REALLY , REALLY dying just to take it out on the track , , im not going to set the car up for the track i just want to get on it and enjoy it.

    cheers alex
  6. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    ok so the titanium exhaust is on , the front pipes are mild steel for now and also i left the stock cats on just one set , i wanted to see how loud it acually is , and to my supersize it was not loud at all, so im very happy with that , i dont want the car loud at all those days are gone for me tbh , it now has a nice note , this note will change again latter as the turbos change and the titanium full front is built i will run cat on the car , ( the car will still make all the right noises etc etc once we tune for them )

    the fuel tank has been sent out in order to put the intank surge tank , in the tank , its a complete bulkhead 4 pump system , that will get adapted to the original zed 2+2 tank . this will be hidden as will all the rest or the nice good aftermarket parts ( no cop bait for me thanks )

    when i get the tank back i will finally put the back part of the fuel system in the car , fuel cooler and fan , filter, flex sender etc ,

    one all this is in place and working , i will take the car in and get a 18 to 20 psi tune , this should net me over 700hp at the wheels, i dont really want to run that power now , id rather keep the engine safe for the big build, but either way its not my daily so it will be fine .

    so far another 45 or 50 kgs has come of the car , at a guess there will be another 40 kgs that i know of that will come out thats battery and the NA diff conversion , once all the known this/parts are done then it take it back to get it weighed up and see ,, at the last weigh in it was 1400kg on the dot total car , full trim full car before this 45 or 50 .came out , so she is still on the fat side , so the next thing will be this ,, i was thinking about the full C/F rear hatch , glass front guards , and C/F T tops , for racing/playing with all that in mind , that should really see the net at about over 1250 kgs and that would "probably" be as far as i would go ,
  7. lidz

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    Great work Alex, I wanted that exhaust so badly, glad it went to a great build! As for weight reduction, have you taken the large metal counterweight out of the hatch yet?

    Also many more photos please!
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  8. AndyMac

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    Speaking of weight, what's the distribution front to rear now? Have you got it on scales yet?
  9. badxtc

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    hey man , thanks mate , yeah im so happy i have it on now and that i acually have it at all, i think it was Martin Ditcham that got me on to it , so thanks to him i managed to get it .

    um yeah ill try and get some up . theres not really anything new to be honest , as far as looks go ,, loos the same .

    yes i have many many years ago ,
  10. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    um, well im not sure 100%, the vr engine itself is way lighter then the vg engine at a guess about 40kgs, also the holinger is also about 40kg lighter the the z box , at the moment im doing total weights ( hole car as is ) when im finished everything i feel i need to do then ill put it on the scales and have a look it , the back of the zed is light either way so with the removed weight from the front it should be a lot better ( not tested at all , just guessing )
  11. hardtop_z

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    Where can I find pics of this build? Apart from the ones on pg 2. Any pics of the mechanical side of things or?
  12. badxtc

    badxtc kirby's bitch

    umm yeah i got some photos, just got to find them ,
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    Cheers mate, that's awesome. Was it hard to mod the stereo surround? Fuel system definitely looks up to the task.

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