1992 TT 2+0 AUTO $2000ono ASAP

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    For sale $2000ono vic, 3220
    1992 TT 2+0 AUTO BLACK $2000ono ASAP

    Good project, or partout shell. 2+0
    Want gone ASAP

    Was a running car 4years ago been sitting.
    Was told turbos had been replaced and was almost drivable
    Just needed brakes
    Metal line from brake fluid resivour to brake lines wasnt installed
    ***have the parts.

    Never got around to it and,

    It has sat exactly where i parked it the day i
    drove it home and collected spider webs and dust.
    Ready for you to buy it now $2000ono

    Cranks over, (has no radiator/trans cooler hooked up.
    4year old off fuel, spark plugs and no AFM doesnt help..)
    Kicked over strong. Didn't quite start. But sounded promising
    With a little tinkering.

    Needs some TLC
    Needs body work. Rust in the back end. Near RH/tail light.
    Not running, needs little motor work to get going.

    Mostly together, good motor/gearbox
    Have borrowed front bar, radiator, AFM,

    Comes with spare parts
    Auto, whale tale wing, Turbo, Leather trims

    Its got most stock parts including airbox.2+0 spare tyre
    Some white and blue trim. Velour seats.
    Also 300km speedo.

    I'll add pics in the next few days.

    Let me know your interest anyway
    0435811293 prefer txt/email/message

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