10 news at 5 red 300ZX crash

Discussion in 'Non Technical' started by pexzed, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Roadeater

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    As someone who has already made a confession I can tell you that this person will be wanting the world to open up and swallow him right now, especially with this much exposure. Take it easy on him gents, no-one ever leaves home with the intention of causing harm. Some of the hardest lessons are learned via that old headmaster - idiocy. I'm glad no-one was hurt.
  2. Slithz

    Slithz Member

    Not so much the fact that he crashed his car, poor choices and unfortunate circumstances make fools of the best of us. The issue is more so that the coward seems to have fled an accident scene in quite clearly an able-bodied state. If he was fit to run, he would have been fit to administer first-aid should it be required, or at the very least call an ambulance. It was only luck that his choice of recourse didn't cost a life, he would have had no idea who he might have hit inside the house.

    I don't even understand his rationale, if he stole it, his friends will give the police his name, if he owned the car, his own name, or a family member's name will be attached to the rego. The only thing that will result from running will be the book getting thrown at him twice as hard.
  3. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    so the guys who were in the back were left behind why?

    a) couldnt work out how to fold the seat forward
    b) were too wedged in to be able to get out in time
  4. ABZ300

    ABZ300 G


    c) they were WHITE!!! :)


  5. loud'n'proud

    loud'n'proud Challenge Accepted

    as if black people have better problem solving skills lol...
  6. bRACKET

    bRACKET Do Right Dean

    No but they know how to flee the crime scene better ;)

    ZXDEVIL Active Member

    Running away from lions n shit teaches you a thing or two lol :eek:
  8. Slithz

    Slithz Member

    There's a reason that South African nations do so well in the sprinting events during the Olympics :p I'd kill for limb reach like the Sudanese guys at work...
  9. SRB-2NV


    No sympathy from me, its a dog act to leave your mates in the car like that. You have to a retard to lose it into a house, hope whoever it is gets whats coming to them.
  10. Madcow

    Madcow Active Member

    Ok ill own up, it was me.
  11. Jinxed

    Jinxed Moderator

    your profile says act, this was in qld? quick holiday lol?
  12. black baz

    black baz black 'n blue Bazemy

    to do a runner like that, it has to be either to avoid an alcohol or drugs rap ....
  13. Subzer0

    Subzer0 Test Your Might!

    Does Todd Carney own a Z?
  14. graham35

    graham35 New Member


    Well that gave me a good laugh at work
  15. URHYNS

    URHYNS Well-Known Member

    What a DOG.

    So you had an accident? Big deal. EVERYONE will have a bingle at some stage.
    So it was a bad one into a house? At least you didn't die.
    You're a dog for not staying to AT LEAST see if anyone else died.
    Your a dog for doing a runner on your mates!!!
    You're a dog for running on your car!!!
    But most of all, you're an absolute IDIOT by dogging YOURSELF for not taking responsibility and waiting to explain yourself. At the end of the day, no matter what now, you ARE guilty of many offences, where it could have just been one, if any.

    Everyone makes mistakes, yes, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. This bloke however, deserves all of the shame and embarrassment that is about to come his way when he stick his head back out.

    What a loser.
  16. Polish

    Polish New Member

    That baby has a big ass head.
  17. mungyz

    mungyz Well-Known Member

    While I completely agree with most of the negative comments towards the driver just try to remember he was there at the scene & may have had the time to quickly check everyone was most likely completely unharmed.
    He would have been freaking out & stupidly decided to bail, THAT IS a really dumb move BUT it doesn't confirm that he didn't have a look around & confirm everyone was OK - even if the others did not see him do this.

    The dudes got a world of shit heading his way right now I bet.
  18. CHILI

    CHILI Indestructable Target

    There are two words to describe this jerk, GUTLESS COWARD!!!:br::mad:
  19. Mongrel 295

    Mongrel 295 89 Z32 TT 2+0 J-spec

    So yea umm look out in the zed parts section. re na with front end damage

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