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  1. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams The Aussie Shed
    Please send me an email address or mob No and I will send photo
  2. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Remo
    No its not TwinZ type. This one works, its not just for show
  3. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Remo
    Hi there. See you were looking for diffuser for a 2+0. I have one that I used when I raced my 300zx. Made by member in New Zealand and comes with all the fittings. Fits between diff and rear bar. Will send photos if you are interested. I'm in Brisbane. $100 plus post
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    2. Remo
      Hi mate. Yes, definitely interested. You got any photos of it on? Is it the TwinZ style diffuser?
      Nov 15, 2021
  4. Rini
    Hey guys does everyone have 2 rear bearings for a 95 tt 2 seater import or know where i can get some.
  5. Rini
    Has anyone got spare parts for a 300zx 95 model in Western Australia?
  6. IBBI
    Wanting to get back in a 300zx
  7. stevebergs
    Finally on my second Z
  8. stevebergs
    stevebergs cannaveli
    Hey mate, saw your post about a set of seats in melbourne from august. Any chance you still have them? Im after a full set for a 2+2 preferably black vinyl but would be interested in the other ones too, just want good condition. Thanks
    1. cannaveli
      i have a set in black vinyl, the drivers side will need repair as there’s some tears in the vinyl but the passenger is in pretty good condition i can forward through some pics tomorrow
      Nov 9, 2021
  9. Jason ttz32
    Jason ttz32 FITZ
    Are you interested in selling your mats?
    1. FITZ
      Hi Jason, no sorry, ill PM you if i come across a set
      Sep 29, 2021
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  10. Martin Williams
    Martin Williams The Aussie Shed
    Yes I have several sets. $20 plus post
  11. Baron
    Baron rob260
    Re engine mounts
    EFT done yesterday
    Victor Ross
    89 Amamoor Creek Rd
    Amamoor Qld
  12. dozzza351
    dozzza351 greeni10
    yes plates should be ok to register as i transferred them into my name
  13. sbug88
    Looking for a twin turbo z32 Manuel to buy
  14. Chris Doolan
    Chris Doolan tassuperkart
    Hi Tassuperkart,
    I may be interested in buying a 300zx in Port Huon,
    Your name came up in similiar post a while back, Might you know of anyone that would a: willing b: capable, of doing a pre purchase inspection? Not looking for favours, would pay , just after something better than RACT inspection. Any assistance appreciated.
    Regards Chris
  15. Draco
    Draco Wooksta
  16. Wooksta
    I'm back!!
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  17. MagicMike
    Just thought I'd mention here, again, profile posts are NOT the same as starting a conversation with another member. One private, one not
    1. loud'n'proud
      But what is really private on the internet?
      Jun 19, 2021
  18. ZEDDUDE"ette
    ZEDDUDE"ette XPL05V
    Hi there, i have a 25th Anniversary RED ZED for sale, 1995, 88988kls all original, won 2 x trophies at Gilgandra , please make contact of you are interested
  19. ZEDDUDE"ette
    Whilst Life got in the way, I am still here.........
  20. ivan129
    Hangin in there